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The following sets out the Data Protection and Privacy Policy (the "Policy") for Aggreko plc ("Aggreko") and the manner in which Aggreko collects, uses and stores personal data and information submitted to it by its subscribers and/or users of its website ("you") or ("your").

This policy is to be read in conjunction with Aggreko's legal statement and in accessing and using Aggreko's website, you confirm that you have read and understand this Policy and that you consent to the collection and use of your personal information and details by Aggreko in accordance with this Policy. If you wish at any time to withdraw your consent, please notify the Data Protection Manager of Aggreko at the email address set out in Section 9 of this Policy.


Aggreko is committed to protecting the privacy of those who use its website, and the confidentiality of any personal information or details submitted or provided to it by you.


Aggreko is fully registered in the UK under current data protection legislation. As a company registered in England, Aggreko is obliged to comply with European and UK data protection legislation in all its dealings with your personal information and data.


Aggreko operates a global website. It can be found at http://www.aggreko.com/ but can also be accessed in certain countries via national domain name addresses. The Aggreko website is translated into various languages for accessibility by users in certain countries.  Users should know, however, that Aggreko holds and manages its website from the United States. This means that information submitted to the Aggreko website will be transferred to the United States as explained in paragraph 4 below.


Aggreko is required to tell you if it transfers or intends to transfer information which it holds about you to countries outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"). Aggreko currently transfers information outside the EEA in the following circumstances: (a) to its servers which are currently located in the United States and which may in the future be located in another country outside the EEA; and (b) to businesses in the Aggreko group operating in countries outside the EEA for the purposes set out in paragraph 3 below. Because Aggreko's servers are located in the United States, the transfer of all of Aggreko's data outside the EEA is necessary to enable Aggreko to operate its website and to provide the products and information offered.

By submitting your personal information and data to Aggreko, you consent to the transfer and storage of your personal information and data outside the EEA as set out herein. If you do not wish any of your personal data or information to be stored or transferred outside the EEA, you may withdraw your consent to such at any time by notifying Aggreko's Data Protection Manager at the email address set out in Section 9 of this Policy.


Any personal information or details you provide to Aggreko on this website, will be treated and kept in confidence and will not be provided to anyone outside Aggreko's group of companies, but may be used by Aggreko in the following ways:-

5.1. Where you have provided your contact details in order to receive information from Aggreko, Aggreko or members of its group may use your contact information to let you know about the products or services it offers, (including online reports and newsletters) and about enhancements or changes to its website or to enable Aggreko to respond to complaints or to form management decisions regarding the future development of its websites. If you indicated your consent on the e-mail submission page, Aggreko may also use your personal data for future e-mail mailings in relation to the subject of interest that you identified on the email contact page or the needs analysis page, in relation to support, and in relation to new products or services that may be relevant to you.

5.2. Where you have provided personal information for the purposes of employment with Aggreko, Aggreko or members of its group may use the information submitted on the CV/resume page of this website for the purposes of processing your application. Aggreko may also use your personal data to notify you of job openings within Aggreko which may be of interest to you. The information you provide on the application form will be kept on file by Aggreko in our CV management system for a period of six (6) months from the date of submission. If after that period no job has been matched to the information you provided, your personal information will be inactivated on our database. If you are contacted directly by Aggreko's Human Resources department after the date of submission of your CV, Aggreko will be bound by the relevant legislation regarding the retention of your CV on its database during the period when it is considering hiring or employing you and if you are employed, during your employment period.

If you initially agree to Aggreko's use and storage of your personal information in accordance with this Section 5, but later wish to withdraw consent, you may unsubscribe at any time by notifying Aggreko's Data Protection Manager at the email address set out in Section 9 of this Policy.


Aggreko has put in place measures to ensure the security of information it collects and stores about you, and will use its reasonable endeavours to protect your personal data from unauthorised disclosure and/or access including through the use of network and database security measures, but it cannot guarantee the security of any data it collects and stores.


Where Aggreko's website provides links to other websites, it is not responsible for the data protection policies of such other websites, and you should check the privacy policies of such other websites if you have any concerns about them.


Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right at any time in writing to request access to any personal information or details which Aggreko holds about you. Aggreko shall comply with your request, in accordance with its obligations under the Act, provided you have paid to Aggreko the necessary access fee and Aggreko is satisfied as to your identity. If after accessing such information you believe any of the personal data or information that Aggreko holds about you is incorrect, please provide Aggreko with your correct details and information by contacting Aggreko's Data Protection Manager at the e-mail address set out in Section 9 of this Policy.


Aggreko may have obligations under certain legislation to check the identity of users of its website and in such circumstances it may need to make enquiries and obtain information from you for that purpose. You confirm that all information you supply to Aggreko will be accurate and you accept and agree that Aggreko may pass on such information as it considers necessary to comply with any legal/reporting obligations it has or may have from time to time.


Aggreko may from time to time post changes to the Policy. In such instances, Aggreko will post such changes on this page of its website and Aggreko would invite you to review the Policy from time to time in order to keep abreast of any changes to it.


For further information on the Policy contact the following:-

The Data Protection Manager: Peter Kennerley
Aggreko plc
8th Floor, Aurora
120 Bothwell Street
G2 7JS

Telephone: +44 (0) 141 225 5900
Fax number: +44 (0) 141 225 5949
E-mail address: investors@aggreko.com

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